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One hundred parishioners currently participate in the Parish Gift Aid Scheme and last year enabled the parish to obtain a refund of almost £10,000 from HMRC which boosted the Offertory collection by 20%.

If you are a parishioner who uses the loose plate to make their Offertory donations, and you are also a taxpayer, please consider making a Gift Aid Declaration to permit the parish to claim a refund from HMRC amounting to 25% of your Offertory contributions. It will cost you nothing extra and you do not have to commit to a specific amount or frequency.

You can make your payments by a regular Bank Standing Order, a variable Bank Transfer, or by using a box of weekly numbered envelopes. If paying by cheque, or through the bank, the account used must be in the name or joint name of the person who makes the Gift Aid Declaration and is the taxpayer.

The amount of tax you pay must be at least one quarter of your total Gift Aid contributions in the tax year including gift aided payments to other charities.

If you are intending to visit the parish and contribute to the Offertory Collection, there are white Gift Aid Envelopes next to the Holy Water Stoups at both entrances. Please complete the details on the envelope and enclose your donation, to permit the parish to claim a Gift Aid refund.

If you wish to make a Gift Aid Declaration or require further information, please contact me as below:

For a Gift Aid Declaration, I will need the following information:

Title (Mr Mrs Miss Ms). Full name, address and postcode,
Whether you require a box of numbered envelopes, or a bank standing order form which includes the Parish bank details.
If possible, a telephone number and/or email address.

Contact Details:
Name: John Ormerod
Tel: 01904 421469 (leave a message if there is no answer).

You will also find a pink form and an adjacent white post box on the rear windowsill of the church near the stairs to the Choir. You may use this form to provide your details and there is space on the back to ask any questions.

Many thanks for your commitment and support.

John Ormerod - Gift Aid Organiser.